An ingredient in the Experience Design Cookbook for ANZ, 2020

With the rise of unmoderated testing during the pandemic, here are some hot tips to ensure a solid script for your test.

Saint Jerome Writing, a painting by Caravaggio
Saint Jerome Writing, a painting by Caravaggio
Saint Jerome Writing, a painting by Caravaggio

Note: Below are tips focused on writing survey questions. Advice for usability tasks and bespoke validation tasks is not covered here.


Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS)

Derived from by the U.S. Navy in 1960, it is also remembered as “keep it stupidly simple”. Regardless of your demographic, keeping the cognitive load low for your participant is the key to success because it ensures that participants’ understanding and they can respond accurately.

KISS is the…

An NBN pre-order strategy at Telstra, 2018

By identifying a missing service in the business and making the service process intuitive, my squad and I increased business revenue and gave our customers an effortless NBN experience.

Ideation workshop with the team (from L to R: producer, scrum master, myself the UXer, product owner, sales specialist, business analyst, agile coach and channel head)

Techniques and methodologies


NBN, what is it good for?


National Broadband Network (NBN) is Australia’s national telecommunications infrastructure…

A home internet experiment at Telstra, 2019

My squad and I recognised the value proposition for the new internet plans had evolved since its launch, and for that reason, we engaged analytics experts to identify our winning driver.

Unlimited data with $90 price point (Variation B) was the most successful, with the conversion rate of 0.42% over 51 days

Techniques and tools


A home internet research at Telstra, 2019

My squad and I were engaged by the Win & Grow, Digital Sales channel at Telstra to help them design a dedicated page that would educate their customers about their internet plans and products.

How Telstra connect your home illustration by Ye Yint Aung features a man at his laptop with a Wi-Fi booster, a woman watching TV with modem and a man on his tablet standing behind his smart lamp

Techniques and methodologies


Disruptive innovation without interruptions


The purpose of the page would naturally…

Alexander Calder, Rouge triompant
Yes, dear reader, it is a different kind of mobile

The challenge of designing for mobile is two-fold. The mobile is a very practical object and good design for needs to be consistent and clear-minded. But it’s also a wondrous object. It sees, hears, thinks. It contains magic. If we use our imagination, there is almost no limit to what it can be.

Wendy Cooper

Design researcher by day and archer by night

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